Ramblings of a Victorian Simmer

Welcome to the Simblr of Dicreasy. This is where I post and reblog pictures which inspire me for my story, as well as the odd picture which amuses me whilst I play, film or create custom content. For actual ramblings and drabbles based in my story's miniverse, check out Di's Victorian Vexes. For my cc, head over to Di's Victorian Emporium and if you just love the history of the nineteenth century and playing a neighbourhood set during that time, visit Victoria & George.


Victardian: The era between 1901 and 1910 that everyone thinks is Victorian but is really Edwardian and anything related to it.

Also can be used as an insult to people who confuse the Edwardian era (or any era for that matter) with the Victorian era. For example, if someone says, ”This coat…

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